Solar Inverter

We have carved a niche amongst the companies in offering Solar Hybrid Inverter to our customers. Our Solar Inverter converts direct current output from the solar panel to the alternating current. This product is highly appreciated amongst clients for its easy installation, less maintenance and longer service life.
Working of solar hybrid inverter (domestic & industrial lighting or for specified loads) During the day initially the Solar energy is utilized for charging the Battery, load will be on the Grid until battery gets charged up to 90% of its capacity, once it reaches this level, load will get transferred to the inverter, Grid will get disconnected, load will be shared with the available solar energy & battery (as solar energy will keep charging the battery hence the balance will go to load until the battery gets fully charged).

In case the Solar energy declines, power to the connected load will be shared between Solar & Battery, once the battery gets discharged to the set level, the load will automatically gets transferred to the Grid.


  • Dual charging mode of Solar Inverter gives you the convenience to charge it through mains during cloudy weather.
  • Automatic No-Load cut off saves battery charge when there is no load connected.
  • High level protection from over load, Short-circuit, over-temp, battery low & battery over voltage, reverse phase at output.
  • Low standby loss of <6W.
  • Good voltage regulation of +/- 1%
  • Compact & light weight
  • Excellent performance
  • High reliable

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